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Buying and selling your home online....?


    In the era of internet… Opendoor, OfferPad and Frontdoor are big topics of conversation amongst my clients. On one hand, allot of sellers are inquiring about them, and actively getting quotes. Is online selling a good option for you? It absolutely could be if you're a seller needing to move very quickly and are okay with paying a multitude of fees.  It may be a good option for sellers who don’t want buyers coming to see their home at the last minute when you’re not ready to show it. You know that mad scramble to get up every morning clean the house, make the beds, and put away the toys to make the house as presentable as possible. It can be difficult and stressful for some sellers.

 On the other hand, buyers are worried. Currently they’re having a hard time finding homes in Las Vegas and Henderson, due to very low inventory. Buyers are being driven to new construction builders, which are not offering incentives knowing there is a low inventory of properties available. For buyers looking to trade up there's a new home builder in town who has partnered with Opendoor helping owners build a new home without your current home ever going on the market…..then they’ll buy your home and let you stay in it until your new one is built. 

  This is a great time to be a seller in the Las Vegas and Henderson Market. Sellers are currently receiving multiple offers. The key is pricing your property right at market value. How do you really know your pricing you property correctly? How do you know online offers are giving you the best offer possible?  Working with an experienced real estate broker can help you price your property right. If you feel selling your home using an online offer site is a good option for you….Do your homework. You can go to, or to get an estimated value.  But, keep in mind these sites use recorded values from Clark County's public recordings. Anytime there’s an owner transaction, whether it’s selling to a buyer, selling to a family member, refinancing or if the property forecloses this value is recorded. However, foreclosures, homeowner refinances and selling to family members are usually not at market value. Take time to meet with an experienced real estate broker. Compare the prices and cost to see which option is best. 

  In this fast selling market, a reasonable asking price will grab more attention, which has the potential to gather multiple offers that could drive up the property’s value. A real estate broker can list your home for any price you'd like to accept. Who knows, you could possibly get more than asking price for your home, and faster than you think. Exposing your home to the open buying market could also be a fast and easy way for you to accomplish what you really want. 

 So…… is Opendoor , OfferPad or Frontdoor the right option for you? Only you can decide what’s best for you and your family.


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